Thursday, September 6, 2018

REAL MEN MAKE CHANGES (Real Talk about Making and Maintaining Change)

These are photos from the 09/24/2018 "Real Men Make Changes" lecture, a GMAC & The Golden Fold (Virginia Beach) event hosted and created by Seko Varner. Darryl Blackstock CHANGED from a knucklehead to an NFL player. Pro boxer Frank Filippone CHANGED from running from Police to becoming an Officer. Ryan Lynch changed from Drug Dealing THUGLIFE to helping build better fathers HUGLIFE. This event is part of an ongoing series of lectures focused on making schools and communities safer by personal positive changes. 
Photos by:
Ronald Atkinson (Stock Library)

The Golden Fold Mentor Movement serves 6th - 12th grade youth by providing seminar based Big-Brother-type activities in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Contact: thegoldenfold @ yahoo (dot) com or call 757-932-0177. The Golden Fold is a "Brothers and Others" Community Improvement activity of the Gamma Xi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi and the Gamma Xi Uplift Foundation.